Thunder Storms can be very scary for some dogs.

As it gets hotter and hotter there is every chance that we could be in for some huge thunderstorms – treat these like fireworks – not every dog is worried by them but it helps to be prepared – for those that are really terrified please consult your vet.
From personal experience I have had dogs that range from couldn’t care less to one that would cower under beds (with me with her as I was just as frightened when I was a child).
Erik’s not a fan of them – I’m off to fill a load of treat toys with delicious things for him.
  • Check the weather forcast

  • Create a den or safe place

  • Have yummies available

  • Use snuffle mats, frozen kong, lick-it-mats

  • If the dog needs to go out take them on a lead

  • Try music – classical, rock or reggae

  • Calming cookies before the storm

  • Don’t try to train – frightened dogs can’t learn

  • If they need cuddles and reassurance – give it – it won’t re-enforce fear

  • If you dog is suffering/struggling with noise phobia please consult your vet

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